One evening in Reykjavik

This post was inspired by “A few notes from my recent trip” post at Lonely Planet forum, written by carecalder

Unlike most people, we didn’t do the drive around the country (although I hope to do that sometime in the near future). We rented an apartment in Reykjavik for a week and really explored the city (and surrounding areas/towns). Before we left some people advised us not to spend so much time in Reykjavik, but for us, it was perfect. While we love the outdoors, we are urbanites and we really enjoyed walking the streets of the city, meeting people, and developing that familiarity that you get when you spend more then a day or two in any specific place. There is plenty to do in Reykjavik, but then again we are the sorts of people that we’re very happy spending some time hanging out at the 12 Tonar music store listening to bands and buying cds, spending an afternoon at the geothermal beach, hiking up Esja for an afternoon, etc. Reykjavik is very easy to navigate and can easily be explored on foot.

The gallery in the post is a kind of example what a person could find in Reykjavik. All photos were made within 1,000 m (~half a mile) from the central square and in less then an hour.

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