How to get from Keflavik International Airport to Reykjavik

It’s extremely easy to get from Keflavik International Airport (KEF) – the main “gate” of Iceland – to Reykjavik. I think it’s the most passenger-friendly international airport in the world. Right from the moment you step out of the plane. There is just ONE corridor connecting all gates with arrival or departure halls. No messy network of tunnels, corridors, signs etc to follow.

Interactive map of the airport gives overview of the general layout. The main corridor (shown in orange) is really short – the longest walk is 350 m/380 yd.

Keflavik airport map

Aerial view of the airport – arrival 1 , departure 2. The terminal is symmetrical – so you have to read the signs Arrival or Departure. I still feel confused with where is what :-)

keflavik airport arial

The baggage claim area is on the ground floor as well as duty-free shops for arriving passengers. The luggage is delivered very fast. So after getting it and re-filling your “supplies” at duty-free you have to pass customs – and that’s it. Really. Don’t expect to walk another half a mile – it’s right there (you might not notice them actually). Then the door will open – and you are in Iceland.
Arrival hall is really small with few people and a small snack shop (you can buy pre-paid SIM cards for local call there)

keflavik arrival

Arrival hall

There are two exits on both sides of the shop, tourist information kiosk on the right, bank and ATM on the left.
The bus stop (to Reykjavik) is next to the right exit (you can see the bus behind windows).


Кефлафик, зал прибытия, выход

All information about public transport on Keflavik web site – look at the tab Parking – Inside parking – Car Hire – Taxi – Flybus

TAXI is at the left exit and is easy to use. Just get into next available and tell where to go. You don’t need cash – all taxis accept plastic cards. No tips – all is included in the price. But this is the most expensive way to get to Reykjavik.

Flybus I would recommend to use the bus – or Flybus. It’s cheaper, convenient, a little bit slower than taxi but with much better view – and there is something to see, believe me.

The tickets can be purchased online or at their “desk” – next to right exit (look for
Flybus logo). In the late/early hours it will be a driver who sells tickets (all paid by plastic). Don’t worry about seats or schedule – buses are provided according to passenger flow. Ticket’s price depends on the destination – to central bus station (BSI) or to the hotels (although the difference is around 5 bucks). The list of hotels covers almost ALL places. Many small hotels/guest houses that not on the list are withing a minute walk from the Flybus stops anyway. In the worst case you acn take taxi from the BSI.


FlyBus в город

Departure zone – but arrival looks the same.


Flybus at the departure hall.


Аэропорт Кефлавик

It takes about 40 minutes to get to the town by bus. If you are on a rental car – depending on your navigation skill :-). But it’s hard to get lost there – as there is only one road to go anyway – number 41. So just follow the signs!

Don’t expect heavy traffic :-)

road 41 from keflavik to reykjavik

Keflavik - Reykjavik Road No. 41


Keflavik - Reykjavik Road No. 41

BTW, this is one of the few such roads in Iceland – wide and separated. Mainly it will be just two lanes – one in each direction.

Another things that might confuse many people – Reykjavik downtown. Most likely you would be surprised to find out you ride is over. In fact on your way to Reykjavik you’ll pass THREE towns! Just remember – Iceland is a small country – so many things are also small :-)

BSI - автовокзал Рейкьявика

Central bus station BSI (see letters on the wall)

BSI - central bus station

If you paid for the ride to hotel – you’ll change for the smaller bus (in the center of the photo). But check the location before arrival – it might be faster to walk to some hotels.
And it’s easy to “navigate” – you’ll see the steeple of Hallgrimskirkja from any point in the town (at the right edge of the photo).

Or you can take a taxi – they are on the other side of the bus station

Icelandic taxi at central bus station BSI

Icelandic taxi at central bus station BSI

Icelandic taxi might just any type of car.  So don’t hesitate to ride on Porshe Cayenne – prices are same as on Hyundai.

Central bus station as seen from the downtown


The way back to Keflavik is same – just talk at the reception when your flight leaves. Or come to BSI – and don’t worry about seats.

Fly Buses

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