MOS-BUS – free bus for tourists!

A new free service – MOS-BUS – has been started in Mosfellsbaer (a part of Great Reykjavik area). The bus operates four times a day from June 1 till August 31. Timetable and additional information about route – in PDF booklet “Mos_baeklingur” (in English). The bus will drive to the Esja mountain as well as to several other trails and places of interest (kanski). And it’s connected to the Bus No 15 from Reykjavik so shouldn’t be a problem to catch it. Keeping in mind that Bus 15 passes almost all Reykjavik from West to East and stops at major hotels and bus exchanges – this might be a very good way to do city sightseeing (and hiking). Especially if you buy The REYKJAVÍK WELCOME CARD. Available for 24, 48 or 72 hours and offering great value for money, the WELCOME CARD gives you free admission to all of Reykjavík’s thermal pools, a great many museums and other attractions, unlimited travel on the Reykjavík buses, discounts at shops and restaurants and free internet access.
24 hrs. Card:  Ikr. 1.500
48 hrs. Card:  Ikr. 2.000
72 hrs. Card:  Ikr. 2.500

So my opinion – this is really excellent daytour opportunity at almost no cost (1,500 ISK per person!). Start the day in swimming pool, drive through Reykjavik and Mosfellsbaer, hike to Esja (you don’t have to go to the top – just a little to enjoy the view of Reykjavik)



Reykjavik from Esja

Then end the day at swimming pool (hot tab recommended)!

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