Jon Gnarr interview

Local elections in Iceland that happened on May 29 this year brought some interesting results.

More details at Alda’s blog

I think that what is missing in these posts is Jon Gnarr interviview he gave to free Icelandic newspaper in English Grapevine.

Juts few quotes from him

I’ve listened to all the empty political discourse, but it’s never touched me at all or moved me, until the economic collapse. Then I just felt I’d had enough of those people. After the collapse and its aftermath, I started reading the local news websites and watching the news and political talk shows— and it filled me with so much frustration. Eww! So I wanted to do something, to fuck the system. To change it around and impact it in some way.

If we get the majority we would just take the reins and control everything. And put running the city in the hands of skilled professionals. I think the city as an entity and structure is perfectly capable of running itself without the help of politicians. They spend half their day working for their party interests anyway.

I think the political parties in Iceland are at such a dead end. They are done.

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