Eating in Iceland – vegetarian style

It was rather useful discussion at Lonely Planet forum about food for vegetarian person in Iceland. I consider myself as a primate (from the point of eating habits) – so I eat everything that I find tasty. But was surprised that some people don’t eat meat, fish and many other excellent food because they are against  “animal exploitation”…. hm-m-m. As far as I know Icelanders – they take care of their animal sometimes more seriously than themselves. And don’t even blink to risk their lives to safe animals in trouble. And their rescue operations to get silly sheeps off the cliffs?

Well, anyway, the discussion might help those who don’t eat regular food to survive in Iceland. Here is the link – “Eating in Iceland”

For those who eat meat – read my other food and travel tips entries under “How to” and “Travel tips” categories.

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