16.06.2012 | 15:00
ICE-SAR Releases Safety App for Tourists in Iceland

ICE-SAR, the association for search and rescue in Iceland, announced the release of 112 Iceland, a safety app for tourists in Iceland, this week. Travelers can use the app to request assistance in the case of emergency.


The new app.

With the app it is also possible to leave “a trail of breadcrumbs” (referencing the adventure on Hansel and Gretel), that is, regularly update travel information which could prove vital when people are reported missing, a press release explains.

Connection for data transmission is not necessary to use the app; conventional mobile phone connection suffices.

112 Iceland was developed by Valitor in collaboration with the IT company Stokkur. Emergency hotline 112, ICE-SAR and the civic protection department of the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police were also involved in the project.

The app can be downloaded on, through the iPhone App Store and at Google’s Play Store for those who have Android phones.

With the continued influx of travelers in Iceland, the number of accidents has increased accordingly and so safety standards are being improved and safe travel promoted.

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