Story of the Day from Igor Shpilenok

This blog is about Iceland.
But I’ve heard many-many times there is one place that might have been better then Iceland :-)
And the place is Kamchatka.
And then I came across the best blog I’ve ever seen – Kamchatka Fairy Tales by Igor Shpilenok
And I have to admit – this claim might be true….

At least his stories are awesome – and below is one of them ….

Mr. Villain Rascalton himself. He lives near the Kronotsky-Bogachevsky Firth – the best possible place here foxes can find. Plenty of fish, swans, ducks, sandpipers – this is the easiest place to get hold of all the fox delicacies. All the foxes of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve would love to live near the firth. But Mr. Villain Rascalton doesn’t give them a chance. He is the dominant fox, the strongest and the smartest and he imposes his will over this place.
From time to time he tries to impose his will on humans as well. He does not allow me to live in the hut next to the firth. I will tell the story of how he manages to do that if I ever manage to get a shot of his villain actions.

But forget about me! Mr. Rascalton managed to “disarm” the reserve’s special team of rangers. The rangers are the elite guards of the reserve. They can live in the snow drifts for weeks. They can brave the stormy ocean in fragile boats. They can tackle armed poachers during the night. They are rough guys – the bears always get out of their way, fearing a good thrashing. But Mr. Villain Rascalton didn’t like it when they appeared in the hut near the firth. While the inspectors were cooking dinner in the hut, the fox spirited away their GorTex © boots to an unknown destination. He didn’t take anything else – just one boot from each person. The boots were never found.

PS. Photo and text belongs to Igor Shpilenok aka Игорь Шпиленок !!!!

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