В небе над Исландией.

Jónína Gudrún Óskarsdóttir

Автор фото – Йонина Гудрун (Jónína Gudrún Óskarsdóttir), живущая в восточном Фаускрудсфьорде (Fáskrúdsfjördur). Фото сделано 8 марта во время магнитной бури и стало весьма знаменитым. НАСА разместила его у себя на сайте в полном разрешении.

В Рейкьявике и вокруг, увы, было и остается очень облачно. Так что только и остается смотреть чужие картинки или видео.

11.03.2012 | 10:23

Stunning Northern Lights Image from East Iceland

Earth’s magnetic field is growing quiet again after two days of geomagnetic storming prompted by a coronal mass ejection (CME),  a massive burst of solar wind. At the peak of the disturbance on March 8th Icelandic amateur photographer, Jónína Gudrún Óskarsdóttir, captured a magnificent display of northern lights. The phenomenon has caused interest all over the world and Jónína Gudrún’s photo has been published wide and far.


NASA’s version of the photo. It is larger in reality.

Among those getting a copy of the photo were the American Space Agency, NASA as well as AP, BBC, Bild and Spiegel.

Jónína Gudrún has been an amateur photographer for a while and tells mbl.is that the interest is increasing every year. “I got my first digital camera nine years ago, but since 2006, the enthusiasm has grown worse every year.” She belongs to a group of people who concentrate on northern lights photography in Iceland, but also communicates on Facebook with colleagues in Norway and England.

Jónína Gudrún’s photo shows the northern lights above a mountain in her local Fáskrúdsfjördur in eastern Iceland. You can see a full size copy here.

She used a Canon Eos 5d Mark II camera, and a 14 mm Canon lens.


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