Must read books!

Below is a list of  “books” I would recommend to EVERY visitor to Iceland.

First of all pick up FREE guides. They are available everywhere. Right on the right side when you enter Iceland – I mean when you pass the boarder gate at Keflavik airport just turn right and see information booth with FREE guides about everything. Same – all over country and in Tourist Information Centers in particular. Cause there are tons of guides I includes what I think is the best in terms of info/weight ratio :-)


Free guides about Iceland

These ones gives a lot of practical information about accommodation,  places to see, where to eat as well as maps to get there. Around Iceland is highly recommended (available in German as well). Just keep in mind – this guide in very popular so might not be available everywhere where you are at that moment. So grad it as soon as you see it.

The Road Atlas is not free but it’s worth 3,500 kronas (less then 30 USD). Believe me. No matter whether you travel by car or by foot – it will provide all needed info. Except maps of the country – maps of all major towns (if there is no map – it means you can see the whole “town” by yourself…really), index of places, table of distances, maps of gas station, swimming pools, campsites etc.

Atlas is available in book stores and in German (at least). I also found it at Tourist Information Center in Reykjavik – so it might be on sale all over country then.


Road Atlas


Road Altlas


Road Atlas

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