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Tourists are asking about available options to cook some food – where to get food to cook, where to get fuel etc.

Lonely Planet thread about fuel for Coleman stove

Coleman fuel / white gas

We’re going to Iceland in the beginning of June. Our main activity will be trekking. We wondered where we could purchase Coleman fuel (white gas, camping fuel) for our MSR whisperlite stove. Is it easy or rather hard to find? Do we have to look at petrolstations, hardware stores or can we only buy it in outdoor stores?

Many thanks

There are bunch of answers but I was right – it’s no problem to get fuel for Coleman ©
It can be bought at almost any gas (aka petrol) stations. I visited the store that sells Coleman stuff and found there both Coleman Fuel (aka White gas) and local fuel Olia (aka kerosene). Both bottles carry a label OLIS – a country chain of gas stations (and food stores in many places). This means that fuel for Coleman can be found virtually everywhere in Iceland (and Olia is available really everywhere).






See OLIS logo on the bottel? Good!

Also all kinds of gas and other “fuel” stuff for Coleman available.

Another brand – Primus.  Gas cans also available everywhere. If you forgot to take a stove (or decided not to bother) – you can buy all of them here. At gas stations and in the stores all over country.

I’m using this one (worked fine for 4 people).





Checked with OLIS gas stationColeman © stuff is available


Gas canisters

Liquid fuel of all kinds (there were more types but I didn’t want to bother guys at station)


Coleman fuel and kerosene

Sample of gas Coleman canisters – so called self-sealing


Coleman © Gas

*Other options are:

– to buy all kind of snacks/sandwiches at gas stations (that serves as grocery and hardware store in the country). At many such places you can buy a soup as well (nothing special but hot and liquid)

– to buy pre-cooked meal (all sorts of but not sure about vegetarians) and heat them right at the gas station (there is a microwave oven for free as usual)

– to buy vacuumed packed or frozen meat/fish (in sauce) and disposable grill – and grill it at any place you choose (there are special places all over country with table and nice view)

– there are plenty of restaurants/cafes in the country and you don’t need long dress nor smoking. Trekking  boots and pants are ok (as long as they are clean).

So just keep in mind the MAIN rule of traveling in Iceland – RELAX, DON’T WORRY, NOTHING GONNA HAPPEN!



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